Activities 2009

Work Plan 2010
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Activities Year: 2009

As Nepal is engaged in drafting a Constitution for the country, Nepal Water Partnership/JVS shall prepare a draft of the constitutional provisions which shall delineate the authorities of state and centre in water resource to ensure that an integrated approach is taken in regard to conservation, use and sustainable financing.

Water Security is a key challenge. Nepal Water Partnership/JVS approach of Local Water Parliament has encouraged and strengthened people’s interest in better management of the resources at the tertiary levels and cooperation in development of comprehensive water use master plan for optimum utilization of water resources for the benefit of all.
Nepal Water Partnership/JVS shall develop a model frame work of cooperation, conflict resolution and participatory management and test it at the local level. Nepal is a mosaic of a number of castes, ethnic and indigenous people. ILO Convention 169 has given rise to growing conflict and confusion among people at the grass root level. There is an urgent need to educate people on the legal, social, economic and environmental aspect of water in terms of use rights, responsibilities and policy in Nepalese context.

Nepal Water Partnership/JVS has strong network of water professionals and organization/institutions active in water sector. In the process of building more effective wider network, Nepal Water Partnership/JVS has initiated some activities i.e. develop inventory of agencies, organizations and individuals engaged in water sector. Our current focus will be to explore various ways and means of increasing our resilience and effectiveness through stronger partnerships, good governance, measuring performance to help learning and financial sustainability through a series of consultations, dialogues at small and larger group.

10th Annual General Meeting
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Activities Year: 2009

The Tenth Annual General Meeting of Nepal Water Partnership/JVS was organized on 17th December 2009 in Kathmandu under the chairmanship of Mr. Iswer Raj Onta, Chari NWP/JVS. The Institutional, Individual partners and invited guests participated in the meeting. The Annual Reports of Nepal Water Partnership/J VS was presented by Mr. Surya Nath Upadhyay, Secretary General, Nepal Water Partnership/JVS. A Keynote lecture was also delivered by Prof. Dr. Binayak Bhadra, Advisor Nepal Water Partnership/JVS and Senior Resource Economist on “Planning for Energy Security” in the meeting.

The Audit and Annual Report of Nepal Water Partnership/JVS presented by Mr. Surya Nath Upadhyay were unanimously approved by the meeting. The resolution to appoint Mr. Bhim Lal Shrrestha, registered auditor to carry out the Audit of Nepal Water Partnership/JVS Account was also unanimously approved.

Consultation Meeting on Climate Change
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Activities Year: 2009

Nepal Nepal Water Partnership/JVS organized a Stakeholders’ Consultation Meeting on “Climatic Changes and Impacts in Nepal” on 17th December 2009 in Katmandu. Dr. Keshav Prashad Sharma, Deputy Director General, Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM) presented a paper in the meeting. Around 50 participants from various Government Agencies, INGOs, NGOs, concerned professional, Nepal Water Partnership/JVS Partners, Media people, etc actively participated in the meeting.

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Activities Year: 2009

Nepal Water Partnership/JVS published a second edition of Global Water Partnership TEC background paper No. 4 on Integrated Water Resource Management in Nepali language.

Protest Letter to the Prime Minister
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Activities Year: 2009

Recently the Government of Nepal splited the Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR) into two parts – Ministry of Irrigation and Ministry of Energy. Nepal Water Partnership//JVS organized an interaction program on 5th July 2009, in Kathmandu to discuss this new step of the Government. As politicians only seem to understand its use aspects (energy, irrigation), the interaction emphasized on the resource value of water and its need for integrated management for sustainable use. While the whole world is gradually switching towards a holistic approach the government’s decision for disintegrating the management has been taken by the experts as unwarranted move. The program was participated by individual and institutional partners, water professionals, media, and government officials etc. During the interaction Mr. Iswer R. Onta, Chair, Nepal Water Partnership/JVS formed a six member task force to prepare the report. The task force completed its report and strongly recommended to review the decision. The report and a protest letter was handed over to the Rt. Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal by Nepal Water Partnership/JVS Executive Committee Members led by Mr. Iswer R. Onta on 21st July 2009.

Round Table Discussion
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Activities Year: 2009

Nepal Water Partnership/JVS jointly with International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Nepal organized a Round Table Discussion (RTD) on ” Water Policy Issues: Exploring Area of Partnership” in Kathmandu on 9th January 2009. The main objective of the RTD was:

To renew the partnership between Nepal Water Partnership/JVS and IWMI and sharing of experience between neighboring countries.
To explore the new areas of partnership between IWMI and Nepal Water Partnership/JVS in the policy sector of water resources

Dr. Collin J. Charter, DG, IWMI, Colombo presented a paper on “IWMI Strategic Plan 2009-20013” and Mr. S. N. Upadhyay and Mr. Sanjaya Dhungel of Nepal Water Partnership/JVS presented a paper on “National Water Plan” in the meeting. Water professionals, high level government officials, institutional and individual partners and other invited guests participated in the RTD.

Research Study to generate and share knowledge
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Activities Year: 2009

Nepal Water Partnership/JVS nominated Er. Danda Pani Jaishy, Senior Water Resource Specialist at Ministry of Energy, Government of Nepal to undertake the study. The contract was signed on 19th May 2009. The following methodologies was adopted to meet the objectives of the study/program:

Identify stakeholders in the water resources sector from both the government and non-government sectors
Prepare an inventory of various programs and practices carried out/under implementation by different water related development agencies and organizations on sustainable water resources management.
Review the programs keeping in mind the principles of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)

Identify the underlying issues in the water resources sector of Nepal. The final report of the study is completed.

Nepal Climate Change Study
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Activities Year: 2009

Nepal Water Partnership/JVS signed an agreement with Dr. Keshav Pd. Sharma on 5th April 2009 to carry out the Climate Change study. Dr. Sharma is currently working as a Deputy Director General at Department of Hydrology and Meteorology of Government of Nepal. The study documented the climate change trend and its impacts on livelihoods of the people with focus on water and agriculture in Nepal. The specific objective of the study was to:

Review and document the climate change trend/pattern since 1956
Identify areas that pose the biggest climate change threat and its impact on the development of the poor people of Nepal
Analyze the existing policy gaps to address climate change issues which affect the livelihood security.

The final report is completed.

Area Water Partnership (AWP)
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Activities Year: 2009

Namsaling Community Development Centre (NCDC) the partner institution of Global Water Partnership Nepal/JVS has been working as a host institution for Mai Khola Area Water Partnership (AWP) since 2002 and supporting Mai area water users for the water source conservation, management and other awareness activities. In this context, NCDC organized a district level workshop on 23rd July 2009 in Ilam district on Integrated Approach for Mai River Reclamation through Sustainable Management. In addition, NCDC conducted an awareness campaign with different areas of Ilam Municipality. The aim of the programme was to increase awareness and involvement of local people and related stakeholder on Mai River conservation through efficient management. More than 200 participants participated in the program.

Local Water Parliament (LWP), Ilam
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Activities Year: 2009

Nepal Water Partnership/JVS initiated the implementation process of Local Water Parliament (LWP) in 4 Village Development Committees (VDCs) of Ilam district, eastern development region of Nepal. Nepal Water Partnership/JVS will help form LWP body, develop Water Resources Master Plan in each VDC within the Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) concept and Nepal Water Plan. LWP program in Ilam will include a series of dialogues with local people, training, formulation of Water Use Master Plan and LWP Constitution. Dr. Vijaya Shrestha from Nepal Water Partnership/JVS, and the Resource Person, Mr. Nawaraj Basnet visited Ilam district on 17 – 26 April 2009 to begin the preliminary field activities.

  • An interaction program was organized in four Village Development Committees (VDCs) i.e. Puwa, Majuwa, Mai Majuwa and Mabu on 19 – 20 April 2009 to initiate the implementation process of Local Water Parliament (LWP) in Ilam district. Mr. Nawaraj Basnet, resource person explained the objectives, process/ methodology of the program. The local volunteers from each VDCs were also selected for training to prepare water resource map and inventory in the program. The meeting was participated by the local water users like peasants, water mill, small entrepreneur, domestic water users, fisherman, teachers, students, women etc.
  • A one day training program was conducted on 21st April 2009 in Ilam for the selected local volunteers. The volunteers were trained to prepare water resource map and inventory of their respective VDCs.
  • Dr. Vijaya Shrestha and Mr. Pradeep Mathema from Nepal Water Partnership/JVS visited four VDCs at Ilam district on 9- 16 September 2009 and :
  • Organized stakeholders’ consultation meeting at four VDCs regarding the LWP and its structure.
  • VDCs are in the process of electing members for LWP from their respective VDCs (18 representatives from VDCS and 2 representatives from local government body).
  • Drafted the Constitution of the Committee.
  • A one day Orientation cum Training program was organized jointly by Nepal Water Partnership/JVS and Namsalaing
  • Community Development Center on 21st November 2009 in Ilam district for the Local Water Parliament members.
  • Around 100 participants from 4 Village Development Committees of Ilam, invited guests and media people participated in the meeting. Mr. Surya Nath Upadhyay, Water Law expert and RC Member from Nepal presented a paper on “Water Law” while Dr. Vijaya Shrestha made a presentation on “Integrated Water Resource Management” and “Local Water
  • Parliament” in the program.