Activities 2008

Forthcoming Activities
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Activities Year: 2008

  • Water and Media:
    A Dialogue Program on Water and Media is to be held in Hotel Royal Singi, Kamaladi, Kathmandu on 26th December 2008.
  • JVS/NWP Ninth Annual Meeting:
  • The Ninth Annual General Meeting of JVS/NWP will be held at Hotel Amabasador, Lazimpat on 2nd January 2009.

International Meeting/Conference
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Activities Year: 2008

  • Mr. Surya N. Upadhyay, Secretary General, Nepal Water Partnership/JVS and Regional Council Member participated the “Third Abu Dhabi Dialogue on Water Cooperation in South Asia” held in Singapore from 22-25 June 2008. Also, Mr. Iswer Raj Onta, Chair, Nepal Water Partnership/JVS participated the “First Abu Dhabi Knowledge Forum on Water Cooperation in South Asia” from 25-27 June, 2008 in Singapore.
  • Mr. Iswer Raj Onta, Chairperson and Mr Som Nath Poudel Vice-Chair of Nepal Water Partnership/JVS participated GWP Consulting Partners’ Meeting and World Water Week held on 15-23 August 2008 in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Mr. Iswer Raj Onta, Chair, Nepal Water Partnership/JVS, Mr. Som Nath Poudel, Vice chair, NWP/JVS, Mr. Dr. Jagdish Chandra Gautam, former Secretary – Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Raghu Nath Sapkota, former Executive Secretary Nepal Agriculture Research Centre (NARC) participated South Asian Conference on “Science-based Agricultural Transformation towards Alleviation of Hunger and Poverty in SAARC Countries” jointly organized by the Government of India, Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperatives Limited (IFFCO), IFFCO Foundation and the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) on March 5 to 7, 2008 in New Delhi, India
  • Mr. Iswer Raj Onta participated in “The Challenge Program on Water and Food CPWF Basin Stakeholder Research – stakeholder consultation on research in the Indo-Gangetic Basin”, New Delhi, on 8th July, 2008.
    Mr. Iswer Raj Onta, Mr. Surya Nath Upadhyay, Mr. Naveen Mangal Joshi and Dr. Vijaya Shrestha participated in the 13th RC Meeting and GA in New Delhi India.
  • Mr. Navraj Basnet, member JVS/NWP participated and presented a paper on “Local Water Parliament – Integrated Water Resource Management: in the Hands of People” International Conference Water Resource Policy, Colombo, 17-20 December 2008.

Activities on 2008
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Activities Year: 2008

  • Published a short introductory booklet – “Pani Byabasthapanko Kanoon” written by Mr. Surya N. Upadhaya on water related laws entitled “Pani Byabasthapanko Kanoon” in Nepali language.
  • Study on “Facilitating Local Poor People into Ownership of Commercial Hydropower Projects” is completed. The study was carried out by People, Energy and Environment Development Association (PEEDA).
  • “Water Sector Policy Awareness and Advocacy Program for Women Constitution Assembly Members” was organized on 21st September 2008 in Kathmandu. The program was designed for constituent assembly members particularly women.
    The 12th Global Water Partnership – South Asia Regional Council Meeting was organized in Kathmandu on 31st May – 1st June 2008. The meeting was attended by Regional Council members from South Asia.
  • The country study on ‘Regional Cooperation for Flood Disasters Mitigation in the Ganges and the Brahmmaputra River Basins in South Asia” was completed and the national Consultation was held on 31st July 2008 in Kathmandu.
  • The Ministry of Water Resources jointly with Jalsrot Vikas Sanstha and Nepal Water Conservation Foundation organized the dialogue on “Himalayan Water Resources” on 16th May 2008 in Kathmandu.
  • As part of relief to flood victims in Sunsari district Nepal Water Partnershp/JVS donated Nrs 10,000 on 22nd August 2008 to the Prime Minister’s Natural Disaster Relief Fund.
  • An Interaction Program on Koshi Flood Disaster was organized on 4th September 2008 in Kathmandu.
    An Interaction Program was organized on 26th September 2008 in Kathmandu on the facts of West Seti Hydropower Project and the concerns of the people associated with the project.
  • The partner institution of Nepal Water Partnership/JVS, Community Resource Development Center (CRCD) organized a workshop on “Rohini, Danda, Tinau Area Water Partnership (AWP) and Women’s Participation in AWP” on 11th November 2008 in Butwal, Rupendehi district of Nepal.
  • An interaction program to share experiences between Rohini, Danda, Tinau AWP and Mai Khola AWP was organized jointly with Community Resource Development Center (CRCD) in Kathmandu on 21st November 2008. Participants from
  • Mai Khola AWP and Rohini Danda Tianu AWP shared their experiences in the interaction program.
    Dialogue on “Organization of the Fourth South Asia Water Forum in Kathmandu – 2009” on 23rd November 2008 in Kathmandu. Various Government Agencies, I/NGOs, Professional Organization, Media and NWP/JVS Partners took part in the interaction. The meeting decided to organize the Forum tentatively on 11 – 13 September 2009, in Kathmandu.