Activities 2006

Seventh Annual Meeting
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Activities Year: 2006

The Seventh Annual General Meeting of NWP/JVS is scheduled on 25th January 2007 at Hotel Ambassador, Lazimpat at 3:00 pm. The invitation letters and the program details will be dispatched to members soon.

IWRM and Awareness Program: Dissemination of National Water Plan
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Activities Year: 2006

NWP/JVS in collaboration with Water and Energy Secretariat (WECS) conducted an interaction program on IWRM Awareness and dissemination of National Water Plan (NWP) on 22nd December 2006 in Kathmandu. The Program was attended by more than 100 participants. The attendants were State Minister for Water Resources, Vice Chairman of National Planning Commission, Member of National Planning Commission (Water Resources), Chairman of Natural Resources Committee of Parliament, Secretary of Ministry for Water Resources, Executive Secretary for Water & Energy Commission Secretary, Members of Parliament, National Water Resources Experts, related Govt. Ministries and Departments, NGO/INGOs and media personnel.

One of the principal themes of National Water Plan is Integrated Water Resources (IWRM). IWRM itself is a process which promotes the coordinated development and management of water, land and related resources in order to maximize the resultant economic and social welfare in a equitable manner without compromising the sustainability of vital ecosystem. IWRM was discussed in greater length in the program.

In his welcome address, the Secretary-General of JVS/NWP, among others on national water plan document stated that as we are approaching to the end of 2006, whether the targets set for the 2007 in the Plan can be attained, is a question. to reflect the ground realities and changed political scenario of the country: whether short-term, mid – term, long-term plan and similarly the targets set for 2007, 2017 and 2027, have to be revisited, modified and amended. Experts participating the program have to guide to make the plan attain the targets within the time limit to be specified. Plan document should be workable and working document and not otherwise.

This message was discussed in detail in the program and concluded that to attain ” the aspiration of Nepalese people in respect of the development of the water resources of the country”. National Water Plan document has to be practically applicable document be implemented and steps necessary care to be taken to that end.

Promotion of Area Water Partnership
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Activities Year: 2006

  • 6.1 Strengthening and Development Activities of Mai Khola AWP:
    Organized district level interaction workshop on Mai Khola AWP on 19th November 2006.
    – Organized sub area interaction workshop/meeting for sub committee formation on 1st December2006 and 3rdDecember 2006.
    – Awareness and extension activates
    -Leaflet production and distribution,
    -Banner and Publicaiton
  • 6.2 The Rajkulo Jethi Sinchai Samiti, Palpa, as an entry point and as a facilitator, was conducting programs relative to Water Use Status, Promotion Vision and Activities on water management and IWRM Capacity Building Interaction Program. This activity eventually lead to the development of Local Area Partnership (AWP) in Argeli Region of Palpa District
  • 6.3 The Chherlung Tallo Kulo Sinchai Jal Upabhokta Samiti, Palpa has started undertaking activities on Water Use Status, Promotion Vision and Activities and IWRM Capacity Building Interaction Program for developing Local Area Partnership (AWP) in Chherlung Region of Palpa District.

Gender Mainstreaming through Safe Water Education Awareness and Training Program
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Activities Year: 2006

A one day workshop cum awareness and training program entitled “Gender Mainstreaming through Safe Water Education” was organized by WWN-Nepal/Nepal Water Partnership with support from Business and Professional Women Nepal (BPWN) and International Lions Club, Mahankal on 26th September, 2006 in Balambu Village Development Committee (VDC), where most grass root and untouchable people live.

The main objective of this program was to make to the community aware of the need of in safe drinking water for health and environmental programs to benefit the poor as well as general communities and to lessen the incidence of water borne disease.

The program was attended by around 100 participants of all the villages within and around Balambu Village Development Committee (VDC).

Nepal- Bangladesh Interaction Program
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Activities Year: 2006

An interaction on “Opportunities of Nepal-Bangladesh Cooperation in Managing Water Resources of the Region for the Mutual Benefit” was jointly organized by NWP/JVS with Government of Nepal/Water and Energy Commission Secretariat (WECS) on 23rd June 2006 in Kathmandu.

About sixty participants: from the Nepal Government, Bangladesh Embassay, NGOs. NWP/JVS, concerned stakeholders and the high level Government officials from Bangladesh participated and discussed on Regional Cooperation in the management of water resources. In the program Mr. Som Nath Poudel Executive Member of JVS/NWP presented a paper on Regional Cooperation in Water Use. The overall outcome of the program could be sum up as an upper riparian country, Nepal would have to play significant role for the augmentation of the water during the dry season as well as for flood mitigation.

GWP-SAS Regional Council Committee Meeting
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Activities Year: 2006

NWP/JVS organized the Regional Council Committee meeting in Kathmandu from 21-22 May 2006 under the convenership of Mrs. Mangala Wickramanayake of Sri Lanka. The meeting was attended by Mrs. Mangala Wickramanayake – Sri Lanka, Mr. P. L. Diwan – India, Mr. Muhammad Zamir – Bangladesh, Dr. Upendra Gautam – Nepal, and special invitees to this meeting were: Prof. Dr. Kamta Prasad – India, Mr. Khaldid Mohtadullah – Pakistan and Mr. Sardar Muhammad Tariq,- Pakistan. The meeting deliberated on the draft strategic plan and project proposals for GWP South Asia.

Water and Culture
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Activities Year: 2006

NWP/JVS organized a book launching program entitled “Water and Culture” on 22nd March 2006 in the context of observing World Water Day 2006. Programme was attended by 100 participants.

This book should prove to be indispensable tool to those interested in doing further research work on water vis a vis culture of Nepal and would also be valuable reference book for those interested in or wish to be informed of on the role of water in the culture of Nepal.

National Workshop on Community Approaches to Flood Management
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Activities Year: 2006

To uplink the findings from the pilot project to the nation-wide disaster management and prevention process, a national workshop was jointly organized by Ministry of Water Resources, Water and Energy Commission Secretariat, Department of Water Induced Disaster Prevention and Jalsrot Vikas Sanstha (JVS), Nepal and in collaboration with World Meteorological Organization (WMO), Geneva, Switzerland on 20-21 February in Kathmandu

Since 2003, a Pilot Project on Community-Based Flood Management in South Asia had been carried out. The objective of the project was to reduce vulnerability of communities to floods through suitable community-based flood management approaches and measures.. The field results confirmed that this project approach and proposed activities on community level could be replicated in a large number of other communities and countries.

The two-day workshop discussed and disseminated the findings of this pilot project to major stakeholders at National Level including to community representatives. Through this workshop, the findings of this pilot project had reached out to different governmental and non-governmental agencies working in the management and prevention of disasters, in particular, floods.