Activities 2005

6th Annual General Meeting of NWP/JVS
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Activities Year: 2005

The Annual General Meeting of Nepal Water Partnership (NWP)/JVS was held at Hotel Ambassador in Kathmandu on 23rd December 2005. The representatives of Institutional members and Individual members of NWP/JVS attended the meeting.

Mr. Navin Mangal Joshi, Project Manager – National Water Plan made a presentation on recently formulated National Water Plan and various water related issues of Nepal. After his remarks the floor was opened for discussions.

Community Approach to Flood Management:
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Activities Year: 2005

The third extension phase of Community Approach to Flood Management Project has been carried out in the Rautahat District and the national level workshop is planned in Kathmandu by the end of February to disseminate the information to all the concerned stakeholders.

Area Water Partnership:
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Activities Year: 2005

Indrawati River Basin

The Indrawati Basin is at its initial stage. A study is being conducted to assess the state of the water resources in the basin, its current uses and potential water stress conditions in the future. The findings of the Indrawati Basin Study will be discussed with the grassroots water users’ institutions including government line agencies, NGO, owners of operating micro and small hydropower plants. In the event that the local water users’ institutions feel the need to establish a forum or a partnership at the local level to promote Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), the steps will be taken towards this effect.

Independent Evaluation of Mai River AWP

The study has been undertaken to independently evaluate the achievements and constraints of the older AWP in Nepal. This evaluation is a part of the regional initiative of the GWP –SAS concurrently undertaken in other member countries as well.

Water and Law – Water Resources Legislations and Administration in Nepal
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Activities Year: 2005

The main objective of the study is to examine the present legal and administrative status of water right, water justice and water management system in Nepal. The expected outcome is to document of legal framework relating to beneficiary participation in water management. Work towards to this effect is continuing.

Water and Culture
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Activities Year: 2005

First ever-published book in Nepali Language on Water and Culture “Pani Ra Sanskriti” has been updated, translated and edited in English language.

Create Revolving Fund for Loan on Micro Irrigation and Agricultural Inputs Facilities in Dhanusha District.
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Activities Year: 2005

The main objective of this program is to improve economic status of selected poor marginalized farmers and to create of Revolving Fund for Micro Irrigation through cooperative and provide non-collateral interest free loans to individual and a group of small farmers for ground water micro irrigation i.e. pump sets. Encourage farmers to grow cash crops-seasonal vegetables and flowers that bring them quick return.

Dialogue cum Training program on Gender Mainstreaming and Sanitation through WWN
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Activities Year: 2005

A one day dialogue cum training program was held in Kathmandu on 29th October 2005 and around 100 participants attended the program. The participants were informed on IWRM concept and its importance and made them aware on the role of women in water issues and gender inclusiveness in safe water and sanitation measures. The participants were also motivated to be part of WWN-Nepal.

Women and Water in IWRM creative Writing Symposium
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Activities Year: 2005

A symposium was organized on 21st Jan 2005 in Kathmandu. Around 28 boys and girls from various schools recited their compositions. This program was expected to assess knowledge , attitude and practice of youth regarding water and women . Participants were also informed on WWRM concepts and made aware on women and water network and its activities.

Facilitate Water Policy and Strategy Development at Relevant Levels Inundation Issue and Management in Nepal Terai District
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Activities Year: 2005

The study on Inundation Issues and Management in Nepal Terai District has been carried out with an overall objective of facilitating water policy and strategy development at relevant levels. The broad objective of this study is to contribute in operationalization of national water strategy, policy and plans with regard to Water Induced Disaster (WID), specifically in relation with inundation. It will also help further forge dialogue among the stakeholders on the WID and subsequently assist in informed decision-making in realizing the efficiency objective.