Activities 2003

Inundation Study
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Activities Year: 2003

JVS plans to undertake an inundation study in the tarai, which has 17 percent of the country area. More than 50 percent of the country’s population lives in this area. In this area, inundation is a serious problem, which is massively threatening the national socio-economic and cultural viability. The study based on field data will make objective analysis incorporating physical, socio-economic/environmental and cultural impacts created by the inundation.

Community Approaches to Flood Management in South Asia (CAFMSA)
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Activities Year: 2003

The Project on Community Approaches to Flood Management in South Asia (CAFMSA) is a part of the GWP’s Associated Program on Flood Management (APFM), and is sponsored and funded by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The objectives of the project is to reduce flood vulnerability in South Asia with a particular emphasis on enhancing people-centered activities and measures towards a responsive flood management within the general framework of IWRM.

The Phase I of the pilot case study, a preliminary country report was prepared and submitted to the Regional Driver Agency Bangladesh Unnyan Parishad (BUP) on January 2003 for presentation at the World Water Forum-3 (WWF-3) in Kyoto, Japan in March 2003. A comprehensive regional report was presented at WWF-3 by BUP and country status by the country representatives. This report is a Regional Synthesis Report of the Country Reports of Bangladesh, India and Nepal. In the Phase II (post-Kyoto) of the pilot study (2003-2004), more detailed studies are underway for adoption and implementation of phase I recommendations.

Water and Security in South Asia (WASSA) Project
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Activities Year: 2003

JVS has been assigned to play a lead role in the preparation and finalization of the document on a regional study entitled ” Water Conflicts between Countries, and Approaches to Resolving Them”, one of the thematic components of the “Project on Water and Security in South Asia.” The project study was funded by Carnegie Corporation, New York and implemented by Johns Hopkins University, Washington D. C. and Global Environment and Energy in the 21st Century (GEE21). The draft versions of the study were reviewed and deliberated in three project conferences that were organized in New Delhi, Islamabad and Washington D. C. in a sequence. Dr. Umesh Parajuli, the coordinating author of the study, has been very instrumental in the successful completion of the study. The project studies started in early late 2001 were completed in May 2003.

A Talk Program was organized on 22nd June 2003 to share the study results with stakeholders to enrich the process of further cooperative water management in the region.

Area Water Partnership (AWP)
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Activities Year: 2003

Activities under this program were severely constrained by dissolution of local government bodies, the existing legal provisions to register a network including a mix of central government line agencies, local government units, private sector organizations, professional bodies and community associations, and security situation prevailing in the country. However, with the improvement in the local security situation, after the resumption of peace talks, though tenaciously and haltingly underway between the two conflicting parties, a training program is planned for Mai Khola river basin AWP and Rohini-Tinau AWP on the context and process of dialogue for developing water projects in the basin. The training will utilize the material prepared for ADB and His Majesty’s Government of Nepal to plan an irrigation project adopting a river basin perspective.

Hydropower Pricing (HPP)
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Activities Year: 2003

A peer review is underway of the Hydropower pricing study report completed last year. A workshop is planned to update the study report, which will be published later this year. Before the report goes for publication, it will be disseminated to CWP’s in South Asia for their ideas and views.

Program for Action (PFA)
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Activities Year: 2003

Updating and formalization including the partnership and networking aspects with the central water agencies, local government, non-governmental bodies and private sector and publication of Program for Action is underway. As an integral function of networking, NWP, through its partner institutions, is in communication with the central agencies responsible to prepare new water resources policy and plan.

Tool Box
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Activities Year: 2003

A case study titled “Community Development Aspects of Khimti-1 Hydropower Project (KHP-1) in Nepal” is underway and expected to be completed by the end of August 2003. The case study will be submitted to GWP and eventually posted to GWP website.

Water and Poverty
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Activities Year: 2003

The final study report on “Water and Poverty Linkages in Mountainous Areas” was submitted to IWMI in February 2003.

NWP/JVS General Meeting
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Activities Year: 2003

The 2002 Annual General Meeting of NWP/JVS was held on 19th January 2003. More than fifty (50) representatives from institutional and individual members of NWP/JVS and other invited experts in different water related areas participated in the meeting. Dr. Upendra Gautam, Acting Secretary General, presented the Annual Report 2002 of NWP/JVS. The meeting also covered general discussion on the Third World Water Forum and interaction on Indo-Nepal Water Relationship.