Activities 2002

Completed Activities

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Activities Year: 2002

  • Hosting of Nepal Water Partnership (NWP)
  • Preparation of Nepal Water Vision, 2025
  • Participation in Regional Water Forum
  • Various Research Activities for Water Resource Development – on going
  • Review of Policy and Legal Regime (national/international) related to Water Resources Development
  • Advisory Services on Water Resources Development
  • Actions leading to acquaint the youth about their role in water sector being initiated.
  • Establishment of Area Water Partnership AWP in Mai Khola River Basin – Ilam
  • Technical Information on GWP TAC #4 in Nepali
  • Role of Women on Water
  • Beautification of Janakpur Ponds
  • Survey on Waste Water treatment
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Power Trade Agreement with India
  • World Commission on Dams Guidelines
  • South Asia Water vision 2025, Supplementing Frame Work for Action (FFA) – 2000 documents
  • Energy for Development in Sino-Nepali neighborhood
  • Review of World Commission on Dams Guidelines
  • Research on ” Water Sharing Conflicts between the countries of South Asia and their possible solution”.
  • Organized the First South Asia Water Forum, SAWAF 2001 in Kathmandu.

Participation in Meetings and Workshops (2002-2003)
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Activities Year: 2002

Besides, Second South Asia Water Forum (SAWAF) held in Islamabad, Pakistan and the Third World Water Forum (WWF-3) held in Kyoto, Japan thirty-five (35) NWP/JVS members attended fifteen (15) international Workshops/Seminars and Meetings in the last 18 months.

NWP General Meeting, Flood AP Start Up, Website
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Activities Year: 2002

Planned in the fourth quarter of the year before SAWAF – 2.
An assessment study on the capability of existing institutions in Nepal dealing with flood management is completed and sent to lead partner agency BUP in Dhaka.
The comprehensive website of JVS/NWP has been developed in August and could be accessed by login

Program for Action Development (PFA)
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Activities Year: 2002

A one-day workshop on Nepal Water Vision – Program for Action (PFA) was organized in Katmandu on 1 September. About 45 professionals involved in various sectors attended the workshop. The main objective of the workshop was to work out on program for action (PFA) in the area of water resources development leading to IWRM in the context of Nepal and to set priority on PFA. The PFA is based on Nepal Water Vision and Framework for Action (FFA)

Thematic Network on Water & Law
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Activities Year: 2002

First Regional Consultative meeting was planned, and held in Kathmandu on 27-28 July. Nine participants from Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and 10 from Nepal attended the meeting and presented their country status paper. Many legal issues connected to Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) were discussed. It was found that the countries of the region are at various stages of the evolution of the new legal regime of water management and as such, it was felt that the establishment of the Network was very opportune and the participants gained from the experiences of the respective countries. It was also noted that the countries have their long written and unwritten norms, traditions and legal regimes. However, there was a need to update and improve upon these norms and regimes to suit to the new approach of IWRM.

The finalized version of status paper is expected by the end of October.

Dams & Development
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Activities Year: 2002

Country paper preparation underway for presentation in WWF-3.

Hydropower Pricing
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Activities Year: 2002

Nepal Hydropower Association (NHA) is identified as a Driver Agency for the preparation of proposal of Regional Document for the presentation at WWF-3.

Promotion of Area Water Partnership (AWP)
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Activities Year: 2002

CMS, a partner institution of NWP/JVS, has been designated as the lead organization to plan, coordinate and supervise this activity. Mr. Ajoy Karki is performing these duties on behalf of CMS.

  • Mai Khola AWP (Middle mountain region in Ilam district of eastern Nepal): River basin study completed. Extensive use of river water for microhydro and irrigation. A workshop on AWP organized in Ilam Bazar on 21st May 2002. Mai Khola AWP constitution is approved and registration process initiated by the local AWP committee, which is being supported by Namsalling
  • Community Development Center, a local partner NGO.
  • Rohani Khola AWP (Plain region in western Nepal): River basin study being undertaken. Flood protection and irrigation are major needs. Based on study of physical characteristic, stakeholders workshop and AWP opportunities will be identified.
  • Indrawati AWP (Middle mountain region in central Nepal): River basin study is planned) expected to be completed by November 2002). Based on study of physical characteristic, stakeholders workshop and AWP opportunities will be identified.

Hosting of First SAWAF
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Activities Year: 2002

NWP/JVS successfully hosted the first South Asia Water Forum (SAWAF). on 26 to 29 February in Kathmandu. 280 participants out of which 118 were from outside the country attended in this forum. 84 papers were presented and launching of Regional Water Partnership was discussed in detail and would be launched during SAWAF – 2 in December in Islamabad. The following ten subjects were covered in the forum: Water for Energy, Water & Poverty, Integrated Water Resources Management, Hydropower Pricing, Dams and Development, Women and Water, Area Water Partnership, Water and Law, Regional Water Partnership, Water and Culture.