Activities 2001

Gender Mainstreaming – Women and Water Network
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Activities Year: 2001

Mrs. Hari May Subba has been identified as a coordinator for this network in Nepal. A workshop on women and water was organized on 30th November 2002. Fifty (50) women and women’s organizations participated in the workshop. The main objective of the workshop was to bring women and women’s organizations actively engaged in water sector together and provide them a forum to discuss on issues and concerns relevant to their work and enable them to make meaningful contribution in the development of the water resources management. During the workshop, four major activities were identified, namely, training and orientations on IWRM, publication of newsletter, development of an inventory of women and organizations involved in the sector and documentation of cases/success stories on women and water.

Ground Water Management
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Activities Year: 2001

A Workshop on the Ground Water Management in Nepal was organized on 20th December 2002. The workshop focused on two papers on ground water resources in Nepal prepared and presented by two groundwater experts. These papers were also presented in a workshop in Visakapatanam, India on 28th December.

Water Law Network: and Program for Action Development
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Activities Year: 2001

Network of Water Law related institutions in South Asia Region were established with Mr. Govinda Das Shrestha, as the coordinator. Mr. Shrestha would coordinate the network activity on behalf of NWP/JVS, the lead agency for the regional network.

Draft of the Program for Action was prepared for implementation.

Youth and Water
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Activities Year: 2001

East Consult was identified as the lead partner organization for this network and the workshop was organized on 25th November. Fifty-five (55) youths from various water sectors actively participated in the workshop. Useful suggestions were incorporated in the papers that were presented.

Translation of TAC#4 – IWRM
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Activities Year: 2001

Translation work TAC#4 on IWRM into the Nepali language was completed in September 2002. Translated document was printed and circulated to all NWP members, related NGOs, university and colleges, and government agencies. 100 copies of this publication were allocated and distributed to the AWP organization members.

Hydropower Pricing Study
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Activities Year: 2001

NWP was the lead partner for this study. A team of three hydropower experts completed the study. The study report was provided for peer review. The study report was discussed in a workshop, which was organized on 11th November. Sixty one (61) participants attended the workshop. Comments made by peer reviewers as well as by the participants were incorporated in the report by the team of experts. The study report was discussed and placed in “water for energy” session in the First SAWAF held in Kathmandu in February 2002.

First South Asia Water Forum: and NWP/JVS General Meeting
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Activities Year: 2001

Preparation to host the first South Asia Water Forum (SAWAF) was completed.

The meeting was held on 19th July with participation of 42 individual and institutional members. The detail report of the meeting was prepared.