Activities 2021

Activity 1: Assessment of the water laws for gender and social inclusion in relation to developing and Strengthening meaningful participation in planning, decision making and implementation

In the water community, bottom-up youth and gender engagement serves as an effective mechanism to achieve water goals for all. While many initiatives exist in integrating youth and marginalized groups in the water related plans and policy the, structured and meaningful involvement is generally compromised due to various reasons that range from the lack of widespread support to the absence of proper platforms that sustain their participation. In practice, inclusive engagement sometimes simply means inviting these representatives to participate in events. Knowledge and data on how to effectively engage stakeholders, including youth, is generally deficient. While stakeholder engagement is a priority at such duration, the analysis of the factors that enable their meaningful engagement is usually not high on the agenda. Programs to strengthen their capacity and ability to engage are generally insufficient. On this backdrop this activity aims in filling up these gaps through assessment of different water related laws in relation to the gender institutional leadership, driving change, meaningful participation in planning, decision making and implementation and access and control to resources. The report has been finalized and has been published in the website and can be accessed through following link

Activity 2: Strengthening Inter-Provincial/Municipal Cooperation in Gandaki Basin: A Case of Kaligandaki – Tinau Multipurpose Diversion Project

Kaligandaki-Tinau diversion project was envisaged in Gandak Basin Master Plan. The diversion project intends to provide irrigation water to low lands of Kapilbastu and Rupandehi districts. The feasibility study and research of the project was also highlighted in the 12th plan (FY 2010/11-2012/13). The diversion project was planned to be extended in accordance with the feasibility study, plan formulation and investment plan. With the promulgation of the new Constitution in Nepal in 2015, the federal governance system was established and was divided into three tiers- Federal, Provincial and Local levels. With the execution of new constitution, the debates between Gandaki Province and Lumbini Province regarding the diversion project seems to be a beginning of inter-province disputes over water resources. This study attempts to identify the underlying policy gaps and help strengthen inter-provincial cooperation for water resources development, management and sustainable use. The report has been finalized and has been published in the website and can be accessed through following link

Activity 3: Enhancing value chain of selected crop/livestock commodities through the management of water infrastructure and services in a selected watershed/sub-watershed

The study has been thought to involve in-depth case studies on selected crop and livestock-based innovations value chain options rolled by the producers and fitting to social, economic and technology and institutional facets of water infrastructure and services and producing demonstrable evidences of social and economic gains without burdening the ecological resources at the watershed/sub- watershed level. The undertaking of the case study aimed for identification of the relevant cases supporting the study proposition and in-depth inquiries/investigations around the promising cases. Using the evidences on crop and livestock value chains and innovations around them initiated by the producers, the study would intend to look into the next generation of innovations, building on those already achieved, to help consolidated the changes. The overall objective of the study is producing evidences on integration and support for crop and livestock-based value chain development producing opportunities to achieve SDGs in water and agriculture while sustaining watershed/sub-watershed based natural resources. The report has been finalized and can be accessed through following link