About Us

JVS is a non-profit, non-government, non-political and professional organization and is incorporated under
Association Registration Act 2034 with the following preamble:

  • Water resource development and its conservation have not yet been pursued in an appropriate manner in most part of the world.
  • Nepal is endowed with water resources.
  • Water from Nepal flows to India and Bangladesh and has a regional dimension.
  • There is immense potential for the development of water resources and it can be used for the economic upliftment of the whole region.
  • Water resource has not been utilized as per the need of the people despite the possibility of its development for overall benefit of the society.
  • The pace of water resource development is slow due to suspicion among partners for development, unavailability of fund and lack of knowledge about the possible benefit from it.
  • Due to lack of farsighted vision, policy and action plan this sector has been sidelined depriving the people of this region from its benefits.
  • Water resources development and management has been a challenge to all professionals associated with this sector.

Global Water Partnership Nepal (GWP Nepal)

Fundamental principles for water resource management were endorsed in 1992 at the conferences on Water and
Environment that were held in Dublin and Rio respectively. These principles are:

  • Fresh water is finite and vulnerable resource, essential to sustain life, development and environment.
  • Water development and management should be based on a participatory approach, involving users, planners and policymakers at all levels.
  • Women play a central role in the provision, management and safeguarding of water.
  • Water has an economic value, besides social, in all its competing uses and should be recognized as an economic good as well.

Global Water Partnership (GWP) was established in August 1996 to interpret and bring into practices these
internationally recognized principles. IWRM is a major means to move towards the GWP goal.

In the context of Nepal’s under utilized water potential, there is a clear need for networking and developing local, national, intra-regional, regional, inter-regional and international partnership to promote and help utilize the resource through IWRM. Global Water Partnership Nepal (GWP Nepal), under the network of GWP, has been initiated to promote networking in water resources and promote IWRM. The members of GWP Nepal have consensually decided to designate JVS as the host institution for GWP Nepal. This decision was guided by the concerns of sustainability and the significant networking characteristic of the country water partnership.