Activities 2022

Activity no 1: Financing implementation of IWRM activities as focused in the National Water Resources Policy (2020)

This study aims in collecting and analyzing the annual expense on water resources sector for a given time frame, particularly on IWRM activities, understand funding gaps, identify barriers and challenges, and explore potential sources of funding (opportunities), including climate finance for making IWRM climate-resilient, and propose recommendations to the government to bridge funding gaps by accessing potential sources (domestic and global).The study has been finalized and report can be assessed through following link

Activity no 2: State of water ecosystems in Nepal (with focus on lakes, wetlands and major rivers) – SDG 6.6

This study aims in identifying and listing of major lakes, wetlands and rivers, review national policies, laws and program, assess their condition as compared to past 30 years linking it with encroachment and key barriers for inadequate attention or neglect on water ecosystems management/protection, and recommendations. The study is completed and report can be assessed through link below


Activity no 3. Assessment of the effectiveness of the Nepal-India Joint Committees (on irrigation and water Induced disasters) and recommending ways for effective implementation of committees’ decisions.  

This study shall assess the need of formation of joint bilateral committees on water resources between Nepal and India through collection and review the minutes of the joint committees; understand the process of decision making and identify the gaps in implementation to recommend the ways for improving the effectiveness of decision making and implementation. The study has been completed and can be assessed in following link


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