Water Resource Development Institutional Setup

The functions of water related organizations range from policy formulation to the operation level. There are many sector-specific institutions responsible for
coordination, regulation, planning, implementation and monitoring of water related activities at the national and district levels. Recognising the multi-sectoral nature of water resources management, there is no single institution to function as an independent decision making body with regard to all aspects of water. The regulatory functions by and large have been implemented through the existing administrative structure at the local level. Presently Water and Energy Commission Secretariat (WECS) is an advisory body on water resources management, but it is not assigned with clear mandate to look after all related issues on water resources. The Secretariat is consulted only when one desires to do so. The prevalent organizations, which are currently in operation and which have direct involvement in the water resources sector are:

  • National Development Council
  • National Planning Commission
  • National Water Resources Development Council
  • Water and Energy Commission
  • Environment Protection Council
  • Water Related Ministries such as-Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of

Physical Planning and Works Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology, Ministry of Local Development, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, and Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation In the present paper, only those institutions, which are directly related to hydropower, irrigation and water induced disaster management under the Ministry of Water Resources are dealt with some details.