Water Questions: Answers to Some Key Questions on the Use of Water in Nepal

Nepal's Water Resource is an unparalleled gift of nature. There can be no two opinions on the fact that utilizing it rightly can make the country prosperous. In the management of water resources, there remains a significant role of not only the government bodies but also every citizen at all levels-local, national and regional. It is important that everyone should be informed of the natural and legal facts regarding the water resource.

In the course of disseminating his knowledge, distilled experience and opinion, and raising awareness in the society on the water resource sector, this is yet another important contribution of Mr. Surya Nath Upadhyay, in a question answer style. He has provided answers in a simple and succinct manner to the vital questions that are anticipated to be in the minds of the multiple stakeholders about the water resources, its use, management and development.

In this booklet, the readers find besides the answers to the basic queries related to the water resource, answers to questions such as the right over water and its various uses. In addition, it also helps in addressing questions concerned with international cooperation. In Nepal, many problems have been observed while pursuing to achieve Millennium Development Goals and national goals in respect of drinking water and sanitation. One of the problems faced by Nepal in this connection is the problem of confl ict over drinking water source. This problem needs to be addressed and resolved in time. Some legal ambiguity in the prevailing law and the tendency of advocating one’s right over water resource in a self-perceived manner and the interpretation of some international covenants in a prejudicial way, has helped the enhancement of such conflict. Global Water Partnership (GWP) Nepal/Jalsrot Vikas Sanstha (JVS), Nepal hopes that this booklet will help in dispelling some of the wrong beliefs on water rights and thus will help not only the stakeholders directly concerned with water but also those people and institutions who depend and deal with water and advocate for its accessibility, awareness and rationally advocating multiple stakeholders' water rights, their use, management and enforcement.

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Mr. Surya Nath Upadhyay
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