Nepal is adversely affected by the climate change phenomena. According to the Climate Change
Vulnerability Index 2011, Nepal is ranked as the 4th most vulnerable country worldwide (out of 170

GWP Nepal documented climate change adaptation practices developed and being practiced by Nepalese farmers since last several years. The report comprises number of case studies from several places such as Khokana VDC of Lalitpur d


With its abundant water resources, fragile mountain ecosystem and weak economic strength Nepal presents a unique case of climate change effects which requires urgent actions to protect its people and resources.

Nepal's Water Resource is an unparalleled gift of nature. There can be no two opinions on the fact that utilizing it rightly can make the country prosperous.

Nepal, occupying 0.10 percent of the global land area contributes almost 0.47 percent of the water discharged by the global rivers. Similarly, Nepal stores almost 0.08 percent of the global fresh groundwater.

This booklet is prepared with the objective of building capacity of climate vulnerable community to support implementation of Local Adaptation Plan for Actions (LAPA) that are mainly based upon water resources.

This manual is prepared for providing training to the farmers for conservation and sustainable utilization of water Resources. It has addressed challenges and problems posed due to climate change in two most sensitive sectors agriculture and irrigation.

Nepal, with its diverse topography, fragile ecosystem and poverty, is one of the most vulnerable countries to the impacts of climate change.

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