Workshop on Water laws

Activities Year: 

Two consultants, Dr. Ravi Sharma Aryal and Dr. Dibya Ratna Kansakar were engaged to study National Water Resource and Groundwater Legislation in Nepal and produce two reports. The reports highlighted the existing legal framework in the country and the gaps that exist in this area and recommended a program of action to improve the existing legal regime. GWP Nepal/JVS organized Half-day Workshop on 29th December 2011, (14th Poush 2068) in The Himalayan Hotel, Lalitpur. The findings of the reports on "The law on ownership and Right to Water in Nepal" and "Regulation Common Pool Groundwater under Fugitive Surface Water Law: Limitations in Nepalese Laws and Regulations" were disseminated through workshop in presence of distinguished guests from different governmental and non-governmental organizations A lively discussion and interaction among the consultants and the participant lasted several hours. Some of the critical discrepancies in the law were pointed out.


It was realized that unless the Water Resources Act and the Kathmandu Valley Drinking Water Management Board Act are harmonized and the discrepancies such as the licensing and regulation of extraction of groundwater in Kathmandu valley are removed urgently the government programs would run into risk of its implementation.