Training on Water Resources related to Climate Change

Activities Year: 

GWP Nepal/JVS intended to complement activities of Nepal Government on Local Adaptation Plan for Action (LAPAs) by raising awareness on water resources related climate change adaptation options at the local level. Thus, it organized training under the activity 'Implementation of 4 LAPAs with particular focus on water resources' to build and/or enhance capacity of the local people of four Village Development Committees (VDCs) (Gola, Manau, Patabhar and Khairi-Chandanpur) of Bardia district in the Mid-Western Development Region of Nepal. The objective of this activity was to raise awareness and build  capacity of the local people to address adverse effects of climate change on water resources.

The training included following information so as to help them understand basics of climate change, impact of climate change on water resources, and build capacity to adapt to climate change impacts.

1.      Climate change and its impact

2.      Nexus between climate change and water resources

3.      Highlights of the Climate Change Policy, National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) and LAPAs

4.      Climate change adaptation and potential adaptation activities for water resources

5.      Potential adaptation technologies for water resources

A training manual is also published in Nepali language incorporating all those information.