Training for Farmers on Irrigation and Agriculture

Activities Year: 

Under the WACREP activity 'Preparation of training material/manual for farmers on conserving and promoting sustainable use of water resources with focus on agriculture and irrigation', GWP Nepal/JVS intended to  document conservation and sustainable practices on water resources sector to inform local people about best utilization of water resources for agriculture production through sustained irrigation system.

Thus a training manual was prepared by JVS/GWP Nepal for providing training to the farmers and three trainings were held in Lalitpur, Banke and Bardiya districts to enhance awareness and build capacity of the local farmers for conservation and sustainable use of water resources on agriculture and irrigation sectors.

The trainees expressed their gratitude for providing opportunity to learn about various facts of increasing  efficiency of irrigation and enhancing production of crops while the trainers also got chance to learn from farmers and their perception for improving the training material. The training material used for the training has been published and can be used by relevant government and non government agencies working in the sector of water resource management.