Launching Local Water Resources Management Group (LWRMG) in the Tinau River

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Tinau is one of the important rivers in Western Nepal. It originates at Palpa district and flows through the mountain, gorge and plains of Palpa and Rupandehi district of Nepal. It is a class-II, perennial and third order river. Its discharge depends upon the groundwater and surface runoff. Tinau River bifurcates into Dano and Tinau just downstream of East-West Highway and again meet at about 13 km upstream from the Indian border and is  named as Danov.

There are lots of problems associated with Tinau. River Change in river morphology, bank cutting, decrease in water quality, deforestation in upstream and pollution in downstream due to human disturbance are some of these problems. Extraction of construction materials and encroachment of floodplain areas in the Tinau is common.  Some protection works are also being carried out to protect the river from bank cutting and further bed level degradation by the government of Nepal. However, it is not enough and sustainable.   People residing along the length of Tinau and particularly those who are near to the banks must be made  aware of the disastrous effect that it will have if they would not change their various practices that result into the above problems. They in fact should feel the ownership to maintain its natural ecosystem and conserve it. Conservation programs  initiated from the government should be implemented in association   with the people and a participatory approach of river conservation must be started in time. Awareness programmes and establishment of powerful commission to conserve the health of Tinau River is a felt necessity.. The LWRMG-Tinau will be a good start in this respect.

The study on Tinau River was conducted by GWP Nepal/JVS with the help of a consultant. The consultant for the study explored various aspects of Tinau River at the selected stretch (from Tinau Bridge at Butwal to Tinau Bridge at Bethari) such as river exploitation, area encroachment, economic activities, development initiatives and their externalities.

On the basis of a study entitled "Assessment of Tinau River Development Efforts to launch the Local Water Resources Management Group (LWRMG), Tinau",a training cum workshop was held for the formation of LWRMG- Tinau on 12th December, 2012. Dr. Vijaya Shrestha, Executive Member, GWP Nepal/JVS was involved in the process and made a presentation  on institutional aspects of LWRMG and its execution. Mr. Som Nath Poudel, Vice-Chair, GWP Nepal/JVS provided training on water laws.

An ad-hoc committee comprising of 7 members from around the Tinau River has been formed as "Local Water Resources Management Group (LWRMG) – Tinau" which will become a platform for programming and planning of water resources in the area. In the process, the LWRMG has empowered communities, raised their confidence to speak up for their rights and question decision-makers. The committee is on the process to make a formal registration. GWP Nepal/JVS will be providing necessary guidance on their request for the purpose.

The training on water laws for the members of LWRMG has helped in capacity building to develop and implement Water Use Master Plan. The formation of LWRMG is expected to increase community awareness on water use rights and their role in efficient and sustainable use of the resources.

Formation of Local Water Resources Management Group (LWRMG) is a way to uniting people to understand, act and develop Master Plan regarding the effective use of water resources. LWRMG is a platform for programming and planning of water resources at the tertiary level.

Thus launched LWRMG -Tinau will help to:

-          Initiate IWRM principles at the community level

-          Motivate and mobilize communities for its holistic management by organizing themselves in LWRMG as a legal entity

-          Develop a Water Use Master Plan for optimal benefit of all stakeholders