Imbibing transparency and accountability in Nepal Water Supply Corporation-Biratnagar branch (NWSCB)

Activities Year: 

GWP Nepal/JVS and Water Integrity Network, Berlin had undertaken a project "Assessment of the Nepal Drinking Water Supply Corporation-Biratnagar Branch: Functionality of the Water Supply Services". The purpose of the study was to assess the functionality of the system and to explore the ways and means to imbibe the values of transparency and integrity in the system.

A program on Sharing of the Findings of the study was held on 25th February at Hotel Swagatam, Biratnagar, Nepal. Dr. Vijaya Shrestha shared the major findings of the study with her meticulous presentation. Mr. Surya Nath Upadhyay was the chief guest who briefed about GWP Nepal/JVS and its objectives. Mr. Donal O'Leary, Senior Advisor, Transparency International, Berlin, took part in the program and spoke few words on the short history of the approach taken in Morang. Another guest, Mr. Pashupati Pokharel, Local Development Officer, Morang, put some of his remarks on the emerging challenges on water supply due to population growth.

After the presentation by Dr. Vijaya, , the floor was open for the discussion where representatives from Nepal Water Supply Corporation-Biratnagar (Service Provider) and consumers from 17 wards of the municipality were acquainted with each other's problems and issues. After the concluding remarks from Mr. Surya Nath Upadhyay, both parties agreed to form a group,"Samyukta Tole Nagar Samanwaya Samiti " (Joint Co-ordination Committee) consisting of 5 members; 3 from the users and 1 each member from Biratnagar Sub-metropolitan City and NWSCB. The Committee will jointly monitor the service, share the problems and make joint plans for improvement and co-ordinate with the municipality.

The program proved to be an important step in promoting a communication culture among the service providers and users. It also has initiated a system of joint sharing of the problems and strides to face the problem.