Book Launching on Climate Change

Activities Year: 

GWP Nepal/JVS published a book entitled Jalabayu Paribartan Ke, Kina ra Kasari (Climate Change What, Why and How?) in the national (Nepali) language. Mr. Ngamindra Dahal and Mr. Pradeep Bhattarai are the authors of the book. On 29th December, 2011, the book was launched by the Honorable Member and the Chief Whip of the Nepali Congress Party in the Parliament and the Constitutional Assembly of the Country.  

Since the book is in the local language, it is addressed to general public. It tries to explain in simple terms the climate change phenomenon and its impact on the daily life of the people. There is a lot of enthusiasm in the country to know what Climate Change is and what it means to us globally and individually. In fact, people over the years have been adapting themselves with Climate Change. However, the pace of such change is increasing rather rapidly in recent years. Therefore, information on Climate Change is going to be received by the people very well. 50 copies of the book were sold on the day of its launching.