Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Activities Year: 

The 13th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of GWP Nepal/JVS was held on 28  February, 2013 at the Hotel Himalaya, Kupondole Lalitpur. On the same occasion, the JVS Lecture Series which has been a practice to organize on this occasion was also held. The theme of this year's lecture was "Nepal's Forestry Sector, its Strength, Challenges, Policy and Future Course of Action". Dr. Krishna Chandra Paudel, Secretary, Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation, the Government of Nepal made a meticulous and impressive presentation on the topic. The Lecture was participated by students from various universities, water experts and other relevant stakeholders. There was an active participation during the discussion. The presenter answered various quarries on the subject and clarified the policy of the government and its implementation   during the discussion.

Mr. Iswer Raj Onta, Regional Chair, GWP SAS gave the end note and vote of thanks to the presenter for an eye opening presentation. He also said that Nepal can prosper if the forest and water resources are exploited optimally for the economic benefit of the country without undermining the environment and the social needs.