12th issue of HYDRO Nepal

Activities Year: 

The journal "HYDRO Nepal" published its 12th Issue in January, 2013. This Issue of HYDRO Nepal includes the peer reviewed articles from national and international scholars. Some of the highlights of this Issue were:

-          World Bank's 2012Ganges Strategic Basin Assessment: A view from Nepal  by S.B. Pun

-          National River Linking Project of India by Naveen Mangal Joshi

-          Monte Carlo Simulation for Economic Analysis of Hydro Power pumped Storage Project in Nepal by Kaspar Vereide, Leif Lia and Lars

-          Satellite based Precipitation Estimation for Hydropower Development by Bijay Tamrakar and Knut Alfredsen

-          An Integrated approach for Long Term Soultion of Flooding: A study for the Eastern Chitwan Valley by Achyut Man Singh

Besides these, book review on "International Water Courses Law and a perspective on Nepal India Cooperation" by Mr. Surya Nath Upadhyay has been done. The journal has played an important role in disseminating various dimensions of water related issues, approaches towards them and the efforts to find out the proper solutions.