Department of Irrigation (DOI)

Under the Ministry of Water Resources, the DOI is responsible for executing irrigation projects- both surface and groundwater, including operation, maintenance and system improvement for better water delivery with reliability, equity and adequacy. In addition to that it is also responsible for planning, and design of major and minor irrigation systems. In the context of describing irrigation related institutions, it is worthwhile to mention the National Irrigation Development Committee also. This has been formed with a view to implement large irrigation programs/projects and to utilize limited resources. The Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources is the Chairperson of the Committee. The Committee includes members from various ministries, departments and related agencies.

DOI has regional directorates in all five-development regions. These directorates, as operational-level agencies, exercise basically a coordinating role and have limited authority of a department. These directorates supervise the activities of divisional and sub-divisional offices within the region and serve as intermediate agencies between the departments at the centre and the (sub) divisions. The directorates also coordinate with other regional line agencies in matters related to their activities. Generally, they operate under authority from the Director General. DOI used to have district offices in all the 75 districts until February 2000. According to the revised structure, there are 26 irrigation development divisions covering 51 districts, 20 sub-divisions covering 24 districts, 8 irrigation system management divisions, 8 groundwater field offices and 3 regional mechanical divisions. All the irrigation development activities are implemented through these (sub) divisions.